A strange feeling is all I can have when we talk
a fast beating heart when we meet and walk

Its so deep the stories you share with me
The happiness, the sorrow and the key

It feels like we are two strangers to this world
Coming from another universe, he knows our lord

Sometimes it feels like its only a beautiful dream
all magical and mystic even the bread and cream

Nothing remains the same after each time we meet
everything reborn and no sign of the common greed

Unbelievable and wondered how it can be possible? …

April 2020 marks the second birthday of our company BrightPoint. It has been now 2 years since I am in Private Sector and trying to find my way in this new world. I started with passion and along the way heard and faced sad realities. The pressure multiplied, the easy looking game felt hard to play and finally, the world was not the same inside out. Among all these ups and downs I found a hidden treasure.

I am usually a good listener; I love to listen to the very last word. I was blessed with great people around who…

I am Matiullah, mostly called Mati. An Afghan social entrepreneur born a refugee but returned and raised in Afghanistan. My homeland has been giving me a lot and a lot, as a result, it made me who I am today.

It was back in 2016 when I got to know about Entrepreneurship and its importance for the national economy. My interest attracted me towards this sector and resulted in taking over an idea stage acceleration program in Kabul. The understanding of problems in the market for early-stage aspiring entrepreneurs and my passion for the sharktank show made me think of…

Yes, once again you took me so high
I travelled towards you in the sky

The more signs you were revealing to me
The amazed I was becoming and feeling free

There was a moment when I became you
Everything was an energy and moving through

You took me so deep in your universe
Inspiring my poems verse by verse

I cannot forget the moment when I became you
In your thoughts, everything started to come true

I still remember when you touched my palm
Enlightened my heart and helped me feel calm

Now I am colorless in search of the meaning
Looking for your love and stop dreaming

Show me the unseen and let me feel your love
I know everything is a sign of you, below and above

A couple of days back a huge explosion happened in Kabul targeting Mr. Amrullah Saleh one the brave sons and honest servants of this country who has been since very long involved in fighting against terrorists in Afghanistan. The explosion was less than 5 minutes away from our home with around more than 1 ton of explosives.

At that time I was about to move from office for a meeting and my sister was only about a 100 meters away from the explosion on the way back home from her job but thanks god they moved back and they survived…

Photo taken at Coworthy (www.coworthty.com)

How I started my journey?

On 2015, I started reading books. I remember the first book was “The Magic of Thinking Big” I read it more than 3 times and then I took notes and started putting the theories into action. Doing so I could discover the untapped potential hidden in me and a new way to look at my life.

Reading books especially on self-development took me into a journey and it started with planning a better life. While I was planning my life I came up with the idea of choosing a role model. …

My name is Matiullah Rahmaty, and I am a social entrepreneur working with startups and new businesses since 2016 in Afghanistan. My entrepreneurial journey helped me in understanding more about the problems most of the small businesses in the Afghanistan market have in common. While we understand the challenges, we have started to provide with the solution and playing our role in bringing the positive change and act as a catalyst in the ecosystem. …

Yes, I can hear you talking to my heart
You are at the door and nocking hard

Since when we have become strangers?
So far from each other, among all dangers

How you can leave me alone among all the chaos
Forgetting, the you in me, the me in you, all I was

Life has become a strange puzzle
Things are changing and its all struggle

My soul is not talking to me anymore
My dreams are empty, no more color

I cant understand my self anymore
What happened to me? What for?

Talk to me and take me far away with you
Tired of black and white, show me green and blue

In my last article on “Starting a business in Afghanistan”. I described the importance of starting a small business in Afghanistan.

The following article contains my personal perspective on “How to start a small business”.

Following are some of the important points that might help you in starting a new business in Afghanistan, it is not completely the same as starting a business elsewhere around the globe.

  1. Find your passion: the first step towards starting a business that stands out of crowd (become successful) is finding out what you are made for. Starting new businesses always comes with good and…

.شروع تجارت در کشور های مانند افغانستان همواره با مشکلات متعدد همراه است

این مشکلات شامل: گرفتن جواز کاری برای شرکت، تهیه و ارائه گزارش های مالی برای نهاد های مربوطه، آشنایی با طرز کار مارکیت تجارتی افغانستان، داشتن برنامه تجارتی منظم و غیره میباشد.

یکی از چالش های که باعث کُندی در روند پیشرفت تجارت ها و حتی سبب ورشکست شدن شرکت ها در ظرف چند ماه بعد از تاسیس آنها میشود چگونگی اخذ تصامیم در مسایل مهم و اساسی است. این تصامیم شامل انتخاب مکان کاری (دفتر)، تعداد کارمندان و تنظیم مخارج ابتدایی یک تجارت میباشد.

امروزه به کرایه گرفتن یک دفتر مستقل در کابل شامل مخارج زیر میباشد:

کرایه (15…

Matiullah Rahmaty

Work hard in silence, let your success be the noise

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